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Where to stay in London

London, England, is a huge and bustling city. When planning your next getaway to the nation’s capital, consider exploring a new part of London that you may not have yet discovered. Depending on your interests, you can find a neighbourhood that offers entertainment, historical attractions or gorgeous city views. Whatever your reason for travel to London, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for in London’s city neighbourhoods.

First, consider finding a hotel or Bed and Breakfast in Central London. The areas of Strand and Convent Garden are not only full of beautiful architecture; they offer a central and convenient location and easy access to some of London’s best entertainment. The city’s West End is known worldwide for its award-winning theatre productions, with some of the most popular and highly rated musicals and plays being performed daily. Theatre enthusiasts will love to get a glimpse of their favourite stage shows and visit the locations of some of the most exciting theatrical debuts in the West End’s theatrical history.

Next, explore the history of the monarchy by staying in London’s “Royal” area in Mayfair, Park Lane and Oxford Street. This neighbourhood provides easy access to the city’s most known royal attractions, including Buckingham Palace, the London home of the Queen herself. Stop for a photo op outside the stately building and relive the most memorable moments in recent royal history when you find the balcony where Diana and Charles as well as William and Kate shared their first public kiss as husband and wife. This area is also home to cultural and historical hot spots, including London’s extensive China Town, iconic Trafalgar Square and the informative National Portrait Gallery. Finding a hotel or other accommodations in this area will mean easy walking distance to these great London attractions as well as easy access to the underground Tube.

Another great area to stay in if you love London’s history is Victoria and Westminster. Home to the appropriately named Westminster Abbey, this neighbourhood is full of rich history and beautiful architecture. Royal enthusiasts will love visiting Westminster Abbey to get a look at the famous wedding location of several royal family members while architecture buffs will love the stunning design and delicate intricacies of the Abbey’s decor. This area is also home to some of the city’s most impressive art collections, including the iconic Tate Modern. The Tate boasts some of the world’s most impressive and thought-provoking pieces of art, some which are permanent exhibits as well as travelling exhibits for ever-changing displays of art. Next door, you’ll find an impeccable reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Visit this historical theatre for a show or a tour and learn about the days of Shakespeare and his influence on theatre in England and all over the world. This neighbourhood is full of art and culture, but you’ll be glad to find plenty of cheap hotels in the area for easy access to these fascinating London attractions.

Thus, while staying in London, consider the possibilities of a new neighbourhood when searching for affordable accommodations. A neighbourhood you have not yet visited might hold new and exciting attractions you might never have seen otherwise. Wherever you stay in London, you are guaranteed a wonderful getaway.


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